Youth in Diaspora, a means to support development

forumThe aim of the Forum is in function of sharing of experiences and best practices to empower youth by building their capacity, leadership skills, responsibilities and providing access to information in policy making and project initiatives, so they can truly actively participate in our societies. The Forum is the first of its kind held in Europe and presents a significant opportunity for African leaders and youth to network and work closely together in order to coordinate international dialogue amongst important stakeholders for African development. Specifically, through panel discussions, lectures and training session, conference will tackle topics such as: access to quality jobs, entrepreneurship, economic development etc. We aim for the Forum to gather experts, leaders, change makers and 200 of young people from all around Europe – toward development of African continent, as well as better position of African youth in diaspora. (mehr …)


Do the African governments establish any national plans to confront the economic crisis facing their youth? Are Africans in Diaspora a forgotten element of the African economic development?

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