VAS Austria is an association of African Students in Austria, whose mission is to:

  • create a suitable environment for excellent scientific research and academic success
  • engage in the promotion of African cultures in Austria
  • encourage entrepreneurship for disseminating innovative knowledge in Austria
  • establish solidarity for a sustainable positive change in Austrian societyMission of Österreich VAS
VAS Österreich- a reference organization in the quantity and quality, a vector integration and committed to project a positive image of Africa.
    Vision of Österreich VAS
To be the main network of student cultural and intellectual exchanges in Austria.
  • Goals.
  • The association is appolitique, non discrimanatory and non lucrative
  • - Creation of a warm climate and friendship among members- Improve communication between our students and their respective Embassy- Promoting Solidarity among students.- Promote and support social action (Organize social action). Improve the state of social affaires of students in Austria.- Convey a positive image of Africa in Austria through our activities.- Support cultural activities; Sports and intellectual exchange between Austrians and African students in Austria.- Supporting African students to satisfy their needs:( Information, Accommodation, research exchange, scholarships, internship and Job).

    - Promote the development of capacity building of our members and sympathizers.

    - Supporting cooperation with NGOs, associations and individual interested in Africa and its development.

    - Promoting African culture in Austria.

    - Promoting Dialogue

    VAS Austria
    AAKH, Hof 1, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Vienna
    Tel: 0043 699 17 29 56 20
    ZVR 048803053