Vas-Cultural Week : Next appointment 16-17 April 2015 in AAI

Topic: Participation for sustainable development

Vas-Cultural Week is an annual project

“The VAS Cultural Week offers African culture through multiple and exotic activities to the students and to all, those who care for integration and ,, Culture-exchange ” in general,
to all, those who are interested in the african ” story” ,
to all those that are interested in a better future for Africa.

Our theater, skits, projection African film, concerts, music, art Exihbitions, family cooking, sports, workshops, dance, African painters, arts and crafts from Africa, lectures, field trips and fashion shows. Through these activities, the socio-cultural, political and economic conditions are shown.
We want to bring for one week in the rhythm of Africa to pulsate the campus. Order without the usual clichés, prejudices and Steriotipen to show the faces of Africa.

Expansion of the concept “VAS Cultural Week”:
Why the Cultural Week?
This cultural week has many different reasons:
We, the African students realize that it is necessary to deal with students of other Austrian universities (domestic and foreign) exchange of our social and cultural integration into our environment and into Austrian society easier. The more we have contacts with other students, the better our integration.

Get to know and interact with other people.

Build a good friendly and cooperative relationship with other Austrian students. Because only through direct dialogue across boundaries of prejudice reduction and a mutual understanding is possible.

On the other hand, we also want to:
make a contribution to the promotion of cultural diversity in Austria.

show the people that we exist and that we are a part of Austrian society.



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