VAS Fundraising Dinner is an annual project

“Fundraising Dinner of the African Students Austria” is in one hand, to improve the visibility of the association and to present its activities. On other hand, we want to provide a platform to facilitate the contact with the authorities. We also want to find new partners and sponsors.
We want to reach all African embassies, all who are interested in “VAS Austria”, all who are interested in a better future for Africa and all who are interested in “cooperation”.
This is what we want to achieve with African cuisine, fashion shows, Kora music and Dj’s.
Through these activities, the social Terms Security, the conditions and the economic realities of african Students inside are presented.

Why Fundraising Dinner?
This Fundraising Dinner has many different reasons:
• We, the African students, found that it is necessary to come together and to support each other. The more we work together and exchange our knowledges, the better our situation in general in Austria.
• To be a voice, which do not ignore the respect for all people of color or origin.
• To share the vision of “African Union” and the prospects for Africa together.
• show the messages that we exist and that, we are a part of the africa future .
• On the other hand, we also want to make our contribution to the promotion of the African Union.

What do we expect?
Objectives of the project are:
On the one hand, to improve the study conditions for African students, promote the integration, promotion of initiative and solidarity of the students. The association wants to contribute to a positive change in the society.


VAS Fundraising Dinner 2013/2014

The fundraising dinner of the Association of African Students in Austria (Verein der Afrikanischen Studentinnen & Stundenten – VAS) has the primary goal of improving the visibility of the organization and raise money to fund our plans for the year 2013/2014.

We hope that the African embassies, as well as all other embassies who wish to contribute to a better future for African students in Austria, joined the event.

Dinner this year

During this event, we are pleased to introduce our association and our projects. This is also the way to learn about the situation of African students in Austria, all by inviting you on a journey through Africa by:

A tasting of African dishes
Performance Kora traditional West African music
A DJ session of African contemporary music
Main motive is organizing the dinner

hold up:
For us African students come together and support each other, is an element of great importance, needed to better pursue our studies.

The more we work together and exchange ideas, the more we can expect in general a concrete improvement in our situation in Austria.

The vision of the “African Union” and the hope of the African continent in the integrated VAS project.

By sharing the success of VAS, we contribute to the promotion of the African Union on the international and intercontinental

Work to achieve the objectives of VAS will contribute to widely disseminate information on the realities and opportunities of African students as player in the future of Africa.

VAS like to offer an open to members from various backgrounds space. VAS is seeking to represent all of its members regardless of their origin, ethnicity, academic discipline, gender and age.


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