VAS- its partners and funders

Since April 2012 is trying VAS ambitiously to bride and differentiate his partnership list . We collaborate closer closely with selected national, regional and international companies, associations, NGOs and organizations as well. We take this opportunity to thank to our partners for as an important support for our association Our main partners are the following:

The Afro-Asian Institute in Vienna was founded in 1959 by Cardinal Franz König as a meeting place for people from all over the world. You should meet here, share and learn from each other. It evolved over the years as a development policy education center with the mission to promote dialogue between people of different cultures and religions, to initiate and accompany.

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). It is in charge of implementing all bilateral programs and projects in ADC’s partner countries and administers the budget earmarked for this.

The centerpiece of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is the department Programs and Projects International. Via offices abroad, country and regional officers here keep in direct contact with the partner countries to ensure the coherent and efficient implementation of Austrian Development Cooperation. This department organizes collaboration with the private sector as well as quality assurance and knowledge management for setting thematic priorities in Austrian Development Cooperation.

Non-governmental organizations cooperate with the department “Funding Civil Society”. Supporting this operative departments are two others, Finance & Audit Division and General Administration.

DKA Austria
DKA Austria is the development cooperation agency of Katholische Jungschar- the Catholic Children’s Movement of Austria.
Every year, children dress up as the Three Wise Men and go from house to house after Christmas spreading the message of the gospel. The donations collected by the children are used to support people committed to a fairer world. Together with partner organizations, DKA Austria strives for a decent life, free from exploitation and poverty, for all people.

’s mission shall be to provide a forum through which the Kenyans Diaspora in Austria shall maintain and enhance a sense of identity, promote and advance their individual and collective interests, as well as stem existing divisions that prevent the Kenyan community in Austria from collectively addressing the challenges that they experience.

The VIDC acts on the assumption of a fair global world order and accordingly supports social processes of transformation, which initiate this social change. The VIDC is aware of the fact that it is part of the existing conditions and is active within them.

In our eyes equal opportunities for all individuals is an indispensable precondition for a just society which provides access to all resources for all, makes a life in dignity possible and expels all forms of discrimination.

This implies a perception of the world that is not geared to traditional concepts, terms and themes of action, but which supports equal rights and emancipatory processes.

Instead of following the logic of military or political arrangements, the VIDC places emphasis on concepts and principles of peace conserving or initiating philosophies and politics.

The mandate of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is to promote and accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development in developing countries and economies in transition.


The Students’ Union University of Vienna is the advocacy at the largest university in Austria. They represent you in relation to the principal’s office, sat down for a better study conditions and help the students over the hurdles their studies covering guidance.

The Students’ Union University of Vienna also has expressed its commitment to public policy mandate. The current social conditions are dominated by ideologies of inequality, structural discrimination against women, racism, homo-, trans- or interphobia, heterosexism and the general marginalization of socially disadvantaged.

So they are an advocacy at the largest university in Austria. They represent the students in relation to the principal’s office, sat down for a better study conditions and help them over the hurdles your studies covering guidance.

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