We offer seminars, training courses and publications/ reports where they try to improve young Africans to better represent their interests & needs; increase active participation or carry out capacity-building programs & activities. A big request of the organization is to improve the sympathy for policy and a sharing of knowledge of the youth policies in Africa and Europe. Aspire for positive change and excellence in everything that we do, working in mutual understanding and respect, in learning and involving environment. [1]

African students studying abroad often face serious challenges bordering on networking and the language of the host country as with most European countries where English might not be the first language. The facility of employment, integration issues and the contribution of those young people in the development of Africa is the fundamental idea of VAS. VAS created a platform for youth in Austria to have better chances on Austrian labor market. It is a basic strategy of VAS and its partners (African embassies in Austria, UNESCO, University of Portland, WEF) to improve the chances for African students and give a platform for international exchange to create new dialog and capacity. [2]


More than 75 million young people are unemployed internationally[1]; this number is getting bigger in Africa, as it remains the youngest continent of the world with the highest number of unemployment among youth. This large unemployed youth population indicates lost development potential since governments fail to benefit from the young people’s contribution. Also, difficulties in finding and sustaining decent employment diminish from a young person’s lifetime productivity, which makes it even more challenging to face poverty, hunger, health issues and more social and economic issues.

But the limited number of jobs is only part of the problem. Theeducational and institutional systems are still failing to provide a youth generation with the skills to meet the needs of the job market. High unemployment is also due to the lack of effective policy implementations. To date, most of policies that have been executed failed to function at the structural causes of youth unemployment on national levels. This includes lack of targeting the formal education system, post-school training, public employment and deployment programs, entrepreneurship interventions and business innovation.

In this exact context, We organize a forum where both leaders of the world and youth meet to discuss and work on ways to create solutions and opportunities for young generation to be a development contributor. The youth bring in their recommendations that are addressed to leaders and governments whom take it into consideration according to their national conditions and implement it in order to meet the demand of the young generation.

VAS structures this conference to be strongly interrelated with the capacity of African and European in diaspora to act and take responsibility for shaping the economic development of their communities, also by providing them the platform to grow their skills, expertise and knowledge on how to access to decent jobs.




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