Accommodation for African Students in Austria

Concerning the housing situation of Students in Austria, African Students mainly have to face challenges of discrimination issues on several levels due to reasons of prejudices, disrespect and distrust, overpriced financing et al.

The accessibility and availability of accommodation for African Students will contribute to a higher living standard on all levels mentioned and therefore would assure better studying conditions in general.

The activity of the Association of African Students in Austria (VAS) on the residential market will first of all facilitate and improve the overall study conditions of African Students and will furthermore minimize and even prevent the risk of homelessness.


Aim of the Project:

VAS wants to guarantee several accommodation options for African Students in Vienna.

These accommodation options would enable African Students to gain ground in Vienna. In the course of years of study, African Students encounter difficulties on several levels in Austria. The financial aspect is the most incriminatory element amongst them.

Providing several rooms for African Students during the period of study will contribute largely to a facilitation and improvement of living conditions in Austria.

Membership fee VAS : 25,-

Age limit for the admission is 27.

Copy of the student ID or confirmation of the inscription …

Contract of the support will last max 6 months.

Process time for the application takes about 4 weeks.

Remaining handling charges and cleaning costs will be charged at the student residence and are not included in the budget of the VAS organization.


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