Wake Up! is a practical training program offered by Vas Austria aimed at capacity building. This program is divided into two parts: training and research internship and visiting companies.

The goal of the project is to generate entrepreneurship among students and enable them to cope with the globalization of the labor market.
This means that the students during and / or after the university will have the skills needed to set up and manage a project in any field, regardless of their field of study.
They will have the skills to be competitive in the global market.

Part One: Weekend Training

Weekend Training Workshop is a modular training VAS Austria for a few Weekends organized on the campus of the University of Vienna (Uni-Wien) program. The purpose of this project is to allow students to fill in the gaps and also give them the means to not only assemble and manage a project but also to learn the skills necessary for the proper conduct of their studies.

The core modules are:

1. Project Management
2. Fundraising Dinner
Technique 3. Workshops (Workshop)
4. Computing
etc …

Part two: Industrial tour and internship search


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