In June 2015, the platform organized a forum and a training that focused on employability and entrepreneurial skills development for young people under the topics: Lobbying and Advocacy, Fostering Entrepreneurship and Partnership, Ice Breaker on Youth Entrepreneurship. The main aim of this forum was to unlock the potential of young people to become better entrepreneurs. It appeared from this forum that the business solutions, the direct investment of the Diaspora, the transferring of knowledge and networking would be key factors of to the development of Africa as well as to foster the entrepreneurial skill of youth. A business solution meeting for youth would contribute in a considerable way to the individual development and empower the diaspora entrepreneurs.

The Forum provided the opportunity for young people to discuss practical ways of active contribution to the political, social and economic integration of Africa. ADYFE resolutions will aid policy makers and other stakeholders in formulating effective policies

According to our evaluation, 80% of the participants expressed their positive views about the forum that created a great platform for them of networking and knowledge sharing. They have also expressed their interest in participating in future projects of the organization.

Several videos were released on our website, about the forum in which the participants and the guest speakers shared their thoughts, ideas and their contribution.

Thus, the need of organizing a follow-up Business forum in order to link young people, ministers, stakeholders and investors as one of the important recommendations given.


Business solution Forum for a sustainable development:Enhancing Youth Productivity

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ADYFE wants to achieve those objectives by implementing 2 panels discussions among different stakeholders( Entrepreneurs, startups, young motivated by entrepreneurship, investors, Institutions, the policy makers, decisions makers and the Ministers attending the LDCs 2015 ) and a half day event : High Level Business Solution & Investor Meeting and project mentoring between the same group.

Those objectives would allow the diaspora youth to:

  • Contribute positively to the LDCs meeting by providing space for business development solutions and networking for youth throughout B2G meeting (startups and youth in Diaspora meeting the Government and representatives), B2B B2G meetings, good practices sharing and a mentorship program as well.
  • Mobilizing Diaspora Entrepreneurs for Development of Africa through: Mapping of Diaspora entrepreneurs and diaspora Startups in order to facilitate the creation of business (linkages and cluster) and to be able to create a new Database of Diaspora Entrepreneurs.
  • Providing youth Diaspora with business opportunities and enhancing their chances to participate actively in the economic development of their host and home countries.
  • Facilitate youth in diaspora to liaise and collaborate with the African countries by providing space for individual business development and investment.

Highlight of some youth diaspora projects:
During the forum, around 10 projects will be presented

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